Frequently Asked Questions
We invest our clients' capital in multiple quantitative investment strategies, including a fully systematic quantitative global macro investment program covering all asset classes, such as Currencies, Commodities, and Volatility.
Opening an account can be done by clicking on the Register button in the top right. Fill in your personal information and use this to log in
Yes, registration is completely free and will take no more than 2 minute.
YES, you may join us directly using the "Join" link found on the "Home Page" or on the "Top Menu Bar". The default sponsor is site Admin.
Your account will be active immediately after registration; you can successfully login to it.
You can change the data by clicking the link "Edit Account" in the navigation menu.
Click "remember your login information" link; enter your username or e-mail and your login data will be sent to your e-mail address..
Sometimes problems of this kind are caused by errors of your web browser. There is no reason to worry, you just need to wait a few minutes and then try to log in again. First of all you need to clean the cache of your web browser. If the problem persists, please contact our support.
No, One IP, only account is allowed. If we find that one member has more than one account; the entire funds will be frozen.
The minimum investment is $1. There is no maximum investment
To make a deposit click the link "Make A New Deposit" in the navigation menu. You can deposit as much as you want and as many times as you want to as many plans as you wish. There is no limit to the number and amount of deposits you wish to make.
Yes, Affiliate Program is an opportunity for our members to earn some extra income by inviting other people to open an investment account with PUDRO . The affiliate program uses multilevel referral commission which will pay 7% from each deposit of level 1 referrals, 2% from each deposit made by your level 2 referrals (people referred by your direct invitees) and 1% of each deposit made by your level 3 referrals.
All withdrawals will be finished and paid instantly; however can take up-to 12 hours in case of technical problem. What is the minimum amount I can withdraw? You can create a request for withdrawal of any amount that is equal to or greater than $0.10.
We do not support inter-currency exchanges sorry.
Yes, you can have an unlimited number of deposits, but each of them will be processed separately.
You may login to your account and click on Account Settings button to be forwarded to your profile page. The only details in your account that you can update is your password. E-mail address, payment processor account details cannot be modified. If you have not previously entered a payment processor account details in your profile, you may input your details once. This can only be done once. Once you have set these and want to modify them, you will need to contact support for assistance. Be ready to prove ownership of your account before our team can update your account details for you, especially your payment processor account details.
Make sure that he is under your referral link, otherwise you will not get credited any commissions.
Make sure you have the correct password. Make sure your account was not hacked. Make sure you have not violated any of our terms and conditions. If you think that you have not done any violation and you cannot login, please contact support.
There is a risk involved with investing in all high yield investment programs. However, there are a few simple ways that can help you to reduce the risk of losing more than you can afford to. First, align your investments with your financial goals, in other words, keep the money you may need for the short-term out of more aggressive investments, reserving those investment funds for the money you intend to raise over the long-term. It's very important for you to know that we are real traders and that we invest members' funds on major investments. Our all team professional Forex Traders.

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